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FonTel - Call Recorder (Android)
Mobile phone call recording application for Android

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FonTel Android

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FonTel - Call Recorder is an application designed for automatic recording of mobile phone conversations (Android system). Conversations are stored in the phone memory or on the SD card. Recordings may be automatically encrypted to prevent accessing them by unauthorized persons (eg. In case of phone or SD card lost), and access to the application can be password protected.

The application allows you to automatically archive recorded calls in an external archive in collaboration with the program FonTel, FonTel Server and FonTel Backup. It is enough to provide access to the FonTel Backup program from the Internet and to specify when calls should be archived (eg. each call, once a day, just within range of the wireless network, etc). That is the way to create a central archive of calls from number of mobile phones in one place.


  • Encryption of call recordings,
  • application access password protection,
  • program status confirmation by icon,
  • no ads (the application does not send any information - in particular, does not transmit your identification data, as its often done by adware)
  • automatic recording of all calls or only incoming or only outgoing,
  • a list of ignored numbers,
  • a list of recorded numbers,
  • manual recording (on / off recording during the call),
  • option: remove or add a note question after each call,
  • Outgoing call recording delay option,
  • Incomming call recording with prebuffer,
  • automatic deletion of the oldest recordings in case of lack of space, or after a certain time,
  • built-in player with a graphical chart of call,
  • playback through the speaker or the handset,
  • call grouping by day,
  • Adding notes to recordings possibility,
  • presentation of all calls, only outgoing, only incoming, or only not answered,
  • contact name and photo presentation,
  • call searching by number, a note or a contact name,,
  • Possibility of sending a recordings by e-mail, MMS, Bluetooth, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.,
  • the ability to make a call directly from the application,
  • integration with Dropbox (automatic transfer of recordings to Dropbox, Dysk Google, OneDrive) *,
  • cooperation with the FonTel, FonTel Server and FonTel Backup program (automatic archiving in an external archive) *
* Cooperation possible after appropriate license purchase.

Basic application is free of charge. Due to the limitations of the various versions of Android and the devices themselves, not on each phone model it is possible to record both sides of the conversation. In such cases, the program can only record sound from a microphone - your voice will be well registered, but the caller's speech will be heard much quieter. Therefore, we recommend to test the free version of the application to ensure that the registration of the calls will be rewarding.

Software FonTel, FonTel Server and FonTel Backup allows you to archive calls from numerous mobile phones. Application FonTel Android working on mobile phones can record calls and send them to the backup program when the phone is within a local area network. Until then calls are stored in the mobile phone's memory.

Example of system operation: The employee is located outside the corporate office. Each conversation which was held by him is recorded in the memory of his phone. After returning to the office all the calls from the phone are sent in the background (through free WI-FI connection) to a computer with the FonTel Backup software and immediately appear in the central call database. The database also contains the mobile phone calls of other employees. Calls held in the office appear in the central call database instantly. Calls from other kind of phones (analog, ISDN, etc.) are visible in the same data base thanks to compatibility of all FonTel recorders.

To archive calls from mobile phones in the central call database the GSM activation key must be purchased or test GSM activation code must be obtained. One license allows one mobile phone to connect and load its calls to central PC base.

We encourage you to test mobile phone recording free of charge. To do this contact us and provide us a mobile phone number that you want to record for test.

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