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FonTel API
FonTel phone recorder API for integration with other software

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FonTel API allows to integrate the FonTel phone recording system with any of your external systems. This can enhance FonTel's capabilities or even result in creating a whole new product.

Using the FonTel API functions you can, for example:

  • track the phone calls currently recorded,
  • search the recorded calls by any parameters,
  • download and modify the details of a recorded call,
  • manage your phonebook,
  • start and stop recording a call,
  • play the recorded call.
Using the FonTel API you can also add the call recording feature to your existing CRM, Call Center or Contact Center systems.
FonTel API is available for Windows or Linux. It is compatible with FonTel, FonTel Linux and directly compatible with FonTel L4NET, FonTel OktaNET and FonTel DuoNET FonTel recorders. You can use the API to connect to the device locally or remotely, over the Internet or any other computer network (TCP/IP).

The API includes Windows and Linux dynamic libraries, a C/C++ header file, a Delphi module, a detailed documentation and a VC++ 6.0 example application.

Contact us if you need more detailed information on the FonTel API.

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