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FonTel Backup
FonTel Backup
An application for automated backup of recorded calls

Description Features Mobile phone recording
FonTel Backup automatically backs up the calls recorded on the FonTel recorders. It also enables a regular connection with any number of phone recorders, downloads new recordings and adds them to the common archive on your computer's hard drive. You can browse and listen to the archived calls locally with the FonTel DB program or remetely over the computer network with FonTel Client or FonTel Client Pro programs.

This program can download the recorded calls directly from FonTel PRI, FonTel ISDN2NET, FonTel L4NET, FonTel OktaNET and FonTel DuoNET recorders. Using the FonTel Backup you can also download calls stored by FonTel and FonTel Server software and FonTel - Call Recorder mobile application.

FonTel Backup is available for both Windows and Linux.

  • automatic data archivization from multiple recorders,
  • automatic archiving of mobile phone calls,
  • periodic archive every set number of minutes, once a day at a specific time or after each call,
  • operation with FonTel PRI, FonTel ISDN2NET, FonTel L4NET, FonTel OktaNET, FonTel DuoNET recorders and FonTel and FonTel Server programs,
  • automatic disk space control (delete oldest recordings after specified periods or if disk is full),
  • call archive sharing through a computer network (cooperation of FonTel Client and FonTel Client Pro, as well as user application through FonTel API),
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