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FonTel application window
FonTel Client
Call viewing software for calls recorded from the FonTel application or recorders

Description Features Network access
FonTel Client application allows for remote access to any FonTel server (the FonTel application or standalone recorders such as FonTel L4NET, ISDN2NET, PRI, Archiver, VoIP). Depending on user permissions, a user can have access to recorded calls and lines. A user can use the phone book1, browse and print call lists, listen to recordings and add comments to calls1, and will be notified about current calls in progress. Several FonTel Client applications can be simultaneously connected to the FonTel server (for example from different locations).

1 Not applicable to direct connection to the FonTel L4NET recorder.
Call recording
  • independent call recording from several phone lines,
  • caller identification before call pickup,
  • number identification (name, numbering zone, caller's operator, selected international connection operator, country),
  • current calls list.
Call playback
  • independent playback of recorded calls,
  • play recordings independently from call recording,
  • seek, pause and go to any point of a call,
  • zoomable graphical call preview.
  • add notes to recorded calls,
  • embedded phone book allowing to define single numbers or number pools,
  • call summaries and statistics,
  • backup copies (including to CD/DVD),
  • tag calls with custom labels,
  • call searching and filtering by line number, date, caller identifier, note, label,
  • print call lists,
  • export call lists to CSV files,
  • phone book export to/import from a CSV file,
  • view call statistics, including number and duration of recorded calls, as charts and reports:
    • periodical summaries: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,
    • by call direction: incoming, outgoing, unanswered,
    • by phone line,
    • general or time-defined summaries.

Caller information

Because caller identification is using the phone book and calls database, the application will show a short information on the caller, ever before the call is picked up. This information includes caller's data (if these are available in the phone book), time and topic of the last conversation, numbering zone (area code or GSM network name) and carrier name. The message will appear in the bottom corner of the screen, even if the application is running in the background and is hidden.
FonTel application can generate any summaries and charts


The application can be used to create any statistical summaries of calls by the number or duration of calls, broken down by the hour, week days, days, months, line numbers, call types (incoming, outgoing).

Backup copy

Enables making backup copies of archived data, including direct burning to CDs or DVDs. Allows for simple browsing of backup copies directly from the application.

Client-Server architecture

The client application enables remote access from a distant location over a local computer network or the Internet. This allows for a distributed client-server call recording system with one recording station and many clients (for example - one for each phone line).

Direct connection to the recorder

FonTel Client



FonTel L4NET, FonTel OktaNET, FonTel DuoNET, ISDN2NET, PRI recorder

Connection to the FonTel application

FonTel Client


FonTel (server)
USB recorders (FonTel LxUSB, ISDN)
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