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FonTel Server
Server software to manage the recorders under Windows and Linux

Description Features Integration
FonTel Server software is designed to run as a system service. It does not have a graphical user interface, and cooperation with it (configuration, browsing archive) is performed using a web browser and a client program (FonTel Client or FonTel Client Pro). In addition to the work with FonTel L1USB, FonTel L2USB, FonTel L4USB, FonTel ISDN and FonTel L4NET program can record VoIP calls, as well as to archive conversations from mobile phones.

The software package includes the FonTel Service Monitor easy Windows service installation process and supervise its operation. It allows to install and run FonTel Server as a service.

On Linux FonTelr Server replaces the existing software FonTel Linux.

Call recording
  • independent call recording from several phone lines,
  • cooperation with the different models of recorders,
  • mobile phone and VoIP call recording,
  • store information about unanswered calls,
  • virtual line creation based on choosed rules,
  • numbers white/blacklists.
Number identification
  • incoming call number identification (FSK or DTMF),
  • outgoing call number identification,
  • support for MSN and DDI numbers.
Recorded calls archive
  • recorded calls storage period limited only by hard drive capacity,
  • automatic disk space control (delete oldest recordings after specified periods or if disk is full).
Network access
  • browse and playback calls with a Web browser,
  • cooperation with the client program FonTel Client and FonTel Client Pro
    • browse and search call lists,
    • play recorded calls,
    • comment on recorded calls,
    • track recorded calls (information about all recorded calls, phone numbers, last recorded call with this number),
    • view call graphical preview,
    • create custom statistical summaries and charts,
    • print call lists.
  • ability to archive recordings in collaboration with FonTel Backup,
Other FonTel Server software features
  • restrict access to the application and recorded calls,
  • ability to run as a service (Windows) or daemon (Linux),
  • integrate with user applications using API.
FonTel API allows to integrate the recorder with other software. It enables access to the information about recorded calls.
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