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Główne okno programu FonTel
An application to view recorded calls and manage FonTel recorders

Description Network access Integration VoIP
The FonTel application is designed to view recorded calls and manage recorders (learn more about FonTel recorders family).

The application allows to conveniently browse, search and play recordings and to add notes and comments. It can automatically remove oldest recordings after a predefined periods or when a computer hard drive is full. You can filter the lists of recorded calls by phone line number, day, month or caller number and print or save them to text files according to the criteria selected.

With the application you can simultaneously manage different recorder models. As a result, on one workstation you can view calls from, for example, FonTel ISDN, FonTel L4USB and remotely over the network from FonTel L4NET recorders, VoIP calls and mobile phone calls. It allows to create a flexible call recording system well fitted to your phone lines and setup capabilities.

Access the FonTel application archive with a Web browser

Client-Server architecture

The client application enables remote access from a distant location over a local computer network or the Internet. This allows for a distributed client-server call recording system with one recording station and many clients (for example - one for each phone line).

Web server

The embedded web server provides more options. You can use a Web browser to remotely access recorded calls through a local network or the Internet. It doesn't require any additional software. To connect (using a modem, local network or the Internet) you only need to know the address of the computer recording calls.

Depending on the configuration, you can access a list of calls only or both the list and sound recordings. Remote access can be password-protected.

A calls database and sound files may be located on a network share or drive. This enables centralized call recording from several workstations in a network.

The application can also make backup copies of the archive to a remote computer over a local network or the Internet. In predefined intervals, the application will copy entries from the local call database to an external database using ODBC and will send all sound files to a specified FTP server or will copy the files to a shared folder on a remote computer. The backup process runs automatically in the background. You can store information about calls and calls recorded from different recorders in one place - on a networked server. The same mechanism can be used to enable interoperability with other external systems.

FonTel API allows to integrate the recorder with other software. It enables access to the information about recorded calls. FonTel VoIP Application FonTel allows to record Internet calls (learn more about FonTel VoIP features)
VoIP call recording is possible for calls made with softphone applications and hardware (VoIP gateways, VoIP phones) connected to a shared local network. To record VoIP calls you must have USB hardware key.
Dostęp programu FonTel do rozmów VoIP w celu ich rejestracji może być zrealizowany za pomocą monitorowania interfejsu sieciowego. Wymagany jest przełącznik sieciowy (switch) z funkcją kopiowania portów (port mirroring), do którego podłączony jest router lub karta centralki telefonicznej:
z funkcją
port mirroring
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