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Digital line ISDN BRI (2B+D) recorder with USB PC connection
FonTel ISDN Available in on-line shop

FonTel ISDN is a phone call recorder designed to record phone calls on a digital phone line ISDN BRI (2B+D). The recorder recognizes outgoing and incoming calls and both local and caller numbers. The information about recorded calls is stored in a database with descriptions, dates, time and duration. Each phone call recording is stored in a separate compressed sound file (.WAV or .MP3 files).

The recorders need to be connected to a PC through USB and the FonTel application needs to be running to save phone calls to the hard drive (learn more about the FonTel application features). When run unattended in the background, the application automatically recognizes line number, start and end of a conversation, call direction and phone number. It saves all the information to the database and saves the conversation in a compressed sound file. The application can work with an unlimited number of recorders and allows to connect several recorders in a single multiline recording system.

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PDF Data sheet for FonTel ISDN recorders: [polski] [English]
PDF Instrukcja instalacji: [polski] [English]
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