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FonTel PRI
Standalone 30-channel recorder with an internal hard drive for digital ISDN PRI E1 (30B+D) lines
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FonTel PRI is designed to record phone calls on an ISDN PRI digital line. The recorder operates on a PRI E1 (30B+D) line and can simultaneously record 30 calls (30 B channels). It includes an internal hard drive, where the recorded calls are saved, and interfaces to connect to a computer network and control recorder operation.

Dostęp do zarejestrowanych nagrań możliwy jest poprzez dowolną przeglądarkę internetową (w program wbudowany został serwer WWW) lub dedykowany program FonTel Client (learn more about the FonTel Client application features). The recorder and recorded calls are password protected.

The recorder is a standalone device, it only requires a power supply. It includes a battery-powered clock to precisely specify date and time of recorded calls. In addition, it is possible to periodically synchronize the clock with an external NTP time server.

FonTel API allows to integrate the recorder with other software. It enables access to the information about recorded calls.

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