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FonTel VoIP
Standalone multichannel VoIP recorder with built-in hard disk and SIP proxy for up to 100 simultaneous calls
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FonTel VoIP is a device for recording VoIP calls. The recorder supports up to 100 simultaneous calls in the most popular SIP protocol. It has a built-in hard disk for call recording and VoIP proxy server that allows eg. the separation of VoIP phones and service provider or separating VoIP traffic to a separate subnet etc.

Access to the recorded calls is possible via any web browser (the program has a built-in web server) or a dedicated program FonTel Client Pro. The recorder and recorded calls are password protected.

The recorder operates independently, requires only a power connection and a computer network.

FonTel API allows to integrate the recorder with other software. It enables access to the information about recorded calls.

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